Vertical Channelizers

G-Rock Safety vertical channelizers also serve the purpose of directing traffic while ensuring job site safety. They are easy to move and can easily snap back into place following a vehicle impact.

Visibility & Quality

  • Vertical Channelizers are a two-piece design constructed of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) molded plastic vertical panels and a 20lb or 30lb rubber base. They come in two color options of orange or white. The high intensity reflective sheeting contains a polymer protection and UV stabilizer for long lasting reflection under all conditions.

Mobility and Storage

  • Our Vertical Channelizers are efficiently stackable with or without their rubber base in order to maximize storage. They are also lightweight and painless to transport with an oversized handle that makes them easy to grasp.

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18” JBC Traffic Cone

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28” JBC Traffic Cone

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36” JBC Traffic Cone

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