Stop Slow Paddle

Manage traffic situations with double sided stop slow paddles that are an ideal choice for crossing guards, road crews and traffic safety personnel. All G-Rock safety stop slow paddles are lightweight, MUTCD certified and offered in a variety of options that are all highly visible and easy to use.

Ease of Use and Visibility

  • G-Rock safety stop slow paddles are visible from long distances, and comfortable for optimal handling and usage. Also, certain G-Rock Safety stop slow paddles are made with highly reflective 3M diamond grade reflective sheeting that makes them highly visible at night-time.


  • Enjoy roll up octagonal sign options of 18” and 24” in reflective and non-reflective surfaces. Then choose from wood, plastic and aluminum double sided paddles. Average text sizes offered include 6” and 8” with respective maximum viewing distance of up to 150 ft. and 200 ft.

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18” JBC Traffic Cone

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28” JBC Traffic Cone

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36” JBC Traffic Cone

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