Emergency Triangle Kit

G-Rock Safety carries emergency triangle kits that alert drivers of disabled vehicles and roadside emergencies. Make sure you are prepared for the unexpected and order your G-Rock Safety emergency triangle kit today.

Visibility and Storage

  • The kit contains three orange fluorescent triangles with red outer border high intensity reflectors on both sides. The orange reflectors are made for day visibility while the red reflectors provide night visibility. Each single triangle is 17” wide at the base, 16.5” tall and weighs 4 lbs. All triangles fold economically into a bright red carrying case that fits easily in the back of your car or truck.


  • The G-Rock Emergency Triangle Kit meets and exceeds DOT FMVSS 125 standards and holds up to storms and extreme winds. The red acrylic reflex material has a permanent seal against dust and moisture damage. The non-skid base is ballasted and blow molded with non-slip foam pads to ensure stability and sturdiness.

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