D-Top Delineators

G-Rock Safety D-top delineators, also known as square top delineators, feature a durable delineator post with a multifunction top. The top can be used to control pedestrian traffic while also mounting additional messaging to reinforce safety and communication.

D-Top Customization

  • The top allows for standard additions of caution tape and plastic chain as well as the mounting of a barricade light at the top. It also works in conjunction with the G-Rock Safety cone sign to further your messaging and site safety.

Sizes and Durability

  • These D-Top delineators are offered in a 42” and 28” length and made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic with built in UV stabilizers to prevent fading. Enjoy an 8lb, 12 lb. or 18lb. recycled rubber base that interlocks with a strong consistent lip at the base of the post. Product meets Federal NCHRP & MUTCD standards.

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18” JBC Traffic Cone

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28” JBC Traffic Cone

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36” JBC Traffic Cone

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