N-Top Delineators

Also known as grabber tube delineators, these delineators are designed for low speed traffic, guiding pedestrians or bringing attention to work zone hazards. They are useful in a handful of situations and include but are not limited to parades/crowd control, lane closures, barricade construction work zones, vehicle or pedestrian traffic control and parking lot traffic control.

Functionality & Visibility

  • The N-top design makes it easy to grip, lift, move and set down the product. Quickly tie or wrap caution tape around the grabber tube handle to increase worksite visibility and safety. UV stabilizers inhibit fading while 3M prismatic reflective sheeting increase visibility. If you wish to create a second barrier, use this N-top delineator in conjunction with the G-Rock Safety cone bar.

Sizes and Durability

  • The two-piece design consists of a 100% recycled black rubber base that comes in 12 and 18 pound options. The grabber tubes are available in 42” and 28” varieties that feature a stiff upper tube for easier mobility with a flexible lower portion for increased rebounding and durability. Product meets Federal NCHRP & MUTCD standards.

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18” JBC Traffic Cone

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28” JBC Traffic Cone

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36” JBC Traffic Cone

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