Looper tube Delineators

Controlling pedestrian traffic is a necessity in high volume situations. G-Rock Safety looper tube delineators are extremely useful in areas of newly laid asphalt, ski resorts, concert venues, and other public areas. The “looper tube” handle makes its easy to create a pedestrian barrier by linking other looper tube delineators together. It also allows the delineator to be easily picked up and moved.

Looper Tube Customization

  • The 5- inch tall molded looper handle is perfect for stringing plastic chain, caution tape, flag line, rope and G-Rock Safety cone bars. The looper delineator tube is 42” tall and can be paired with an 8lb, 12lb or 18lb base detachable recycled rubber base, which is re-vulcanized for added durability.

Visibility and Durability

  • As with all G-Rock delineators, a recessed area near the top protects 3M prismatic reflective sheeting. The extra-large lip at the bottom ensures that the base fits snug and holds in place. Product meets Federal NCHRP & MUTCD standards.

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18” JBC Traffic Cone

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28” JBC Traffic Cone

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