Woman owned

Our progressive nature is etched in our foundation as a woman owned traffic control and safety equipment company. We believe in the power of minority representation and gender equality in the workplace.


Next Day Service

Time is the world’s most valuable commodity. With that being said, our society values speed because it saves us precious moments out of every day. In business, those moments are even more sacred because they can amount to significant loss of production and money. That is why we offer the most punctual next day delivery service in the industry. That way you can focus on your job knowing that your delivery will arrive on time.


No order minimum

No order minimums are another way for us to show how much we value your business. Whether it is a large or small order, we want to show that our goal is to offer the most competitive pricing in the industry.


No Freight charges

Since we have an in house fleet of vehicles, there are absolutely zero freight charges associated with your order. Just another way that we are making investments in our infrastructure to better serve our clientele.


My name is Mary Scordio and I am a mother of two who has been married for 32 years. I worked in the banking industry in Computer Operations/IT for 35 years until the bank was acquired in 2017. I found myself unemployed for the first time in my life. This was the perfect opportunity to step outside my comfort zone & build G-Rock Safety, Inc. As a women-owned business, I seek to inspire other female entrepreneurs to become the greatest version of themselves. I was also able to combine my background in technology operations with a mission to provide safer workplace conditions for all. At its core, keeping our customers safe, while providing premium quality traffic safety products at competitive rates has made us the company that we are today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

Mary Scordio | Owner of G-Rock Safety, Inc.

You want affordable pricing, safe equipment and speedy delivery.

We’ve got you covered.

You want affordable pricing, safe equipment and speedy delivery. The problem is that not all traffic control and safety companies uphold that standard. Many offer inferior products and poor customer service.

This can make you feel like you are getting your values worth and even put your job site in danger.

We understand that your projects are crucial to your business operating smoothly. We also understand that an issue with safety equipment can result in highly dangerous situations. That is why we only offer the safest and highest quality products in the industry. You never have to worry if we will cut corners and endanger your job site workflow or safety.

Speak with one of our representatives and we will help you select the perfect equipment based on your needs. Then we will coordinate speedy delivery with no freight charges and no order minimum. Call now and let's continue to make your job run smoothly and safely.