Channelizer Drums

Channelizer drums are specifically intended to direct traffic while keeping drivers and workers safe. The visibility of channelizer drums is key to traffic and safety control around a work zone or site. Whether they are used for lane redirections, shoulder work, or other construction jobs, G-Rock Safety channelizer drums offer industry leading benefits.

Functionality & Quality

  • The construction of the product is intended to prevent rolling when impacted by a vehicle. In the case of impact, the flexibility of the plastic molded drum allows it to snap back into its original shape. The reflectors are UV inhibiting so as to not fade over time. All products meet M.U.T.C.D specifications and are NCHRP-350 crash tested and approved.

Mobility and Storage

  • Enlarged built in carrying handles allow for easy transportation by workers. The storage of the channelizer drums is seamless due to a tapered design that enables easy stacking. The weighted bases can also be removed to maximize storage space.

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